Microsoft Office Specialist(Word - 2016)
Create and Manage Documents
1.1 Create a Document
1.1.1 Create a blank document
1.1.2 Create a blank document using a template
1.1.3 Open a PDF in Word for editing
1.1.4 Insert text from a file or external source
1.2 Navigate Through a Document
1.2.1 Search for text
1.2.2 Insert hyperlinks
1.2.3 Create bookmarks
1.2.4 Move to a specific location or object in a document
1.3 Format a Document
1.3.1 Modify page setup
1.3.2 Apply document themes
1.3.3 Apply document style sets
1.3.4 Insert headers and footers
1.3.5 Insert page numbers
1.3.6 Format page background elements
1.4 Customize Options and Views for Documents
1.4.1 Change document views
1.4.2 Customize views by using zoom settings
1.4.3 Customize the Quick Access toolbar
1.4.4 Split the window
1.4.5 Add document properties
1.4.6 Show or hide formatting symbols
1.5 Print and Save Documents
1.5.1 Modify print settings
1.5.2 Save documents in alternative file formats
1.5.3 Print all or part of a document
1.5.4 Inspect a document for hidden properties or personal information 1.5.5 Inspect a document for accessibility issues
1.5.6 Inspect a document for compatibility issues

Format Text , Paragraph and Sections
2.1 Insert Text and Paragraphs
2.1.1 Find and replace text
2.1.2 Cut, copy and paste text
2.1.3 Replace text by using AutoCorrect 2.1.4 Insert special characters
2.2 Format Text and Paragraphs
2.2.1 Apply font formatting
2.2.2 Apply formatting by using Format Painter
2.2.3 Set line and paragraph spacing and indentation
2.2.4 Clear formatting
2.2.5 Apply a text highlight color to text selections
2.2.6 Apply built-in styles to text
2.2.7 Change text to WordArt
2.3 Order and Group Text and Paragraphs
2.3.1 Format text in multiple columns
2.3.2 Insert page, section, or column breaks
2.3.3 Change page setup options for a section

Create Tables and Lists
3.1 Create a Table
3.1.1 Convert text to tables
3.1.2 Convert tables to text
3.1.3 Create a table by specifying rows and columns
3.1.4 Apply table styles
3.2 Modify a Table
3.2.1 Sort table data
3.2.2 Configure cell margins and spacing
3.2.3 Merge and split cells
3.2.4 Resize tables, rows, and columns
3.2.5 Split tables
3.2.6 Configure a repeating row header
3.3 Create and Modify a List
3.3.1 Create a numbered or bulleted list
3.3.2 Change bullet characters or number formats for a list level
3.3.3 Define a custom bullet character or number format
3.3.4 Increase or decrease list levels
3.3.5 Restart or continue list numbering
3.3.6 Set starting number value

Create and Manage References
4.1 Create and Manage Reference Markers
4.1.1 Insert footnotes and endnotes
4.1.2 Modify footnote and endnote properties
4.1.3 Create bibliography citation sources
4.1.4 Modify bibliography citation sources
4.1.5 Insert citations for bibliographies
4.1.6 Insert figure and table captions
4.1.7 Modify caption properties
4.2 Create and Manage Simple References
4.2.1 Insert a standard table of contents
4.2.2 Update a table of contents
4.2.3 Insert a cover page

Insert and Format Graphic Elements
5.1 Insert Graphic Elements
5.1.1 Insert shapes
5.1.2 Insert pictures
5.1.3 Insert a screen shot or screen clipping
5.1.4 Insert text boxes
5.2 Format Graphic Elements
5.2.1 Apply artistic effects
5.2.2 Apply picture effects
5.2.3 Remove picture backgrounds
5.2.4 Format objects
5.2.5 Apply a picture style
5.2.6 Wrap text around objects
5.2.7 Position objects
5.2.8 Add alternative text to objects for accessibility
5.3 Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics
5.3.1 Create a SmartArt graphic
5.3.2 Format a SmartArt graphic
5.3.3 Modify SmartArt graphic content

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